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Flatbed Towing

Getting you and your vehicle out of harm’s way is one of the top priorities whenever you encounter vehicular accidents or car-related problems while on the road. Debris left lying on the road, rough terrain and certain weather conditions can cause further damage to your car. Transporting vehicles – whether brand new, fresh from an accident or has just broken down – can be very risky. Although there are a lot of tow trucks and services you can use, you need a service company that understands what an investment your vehicle is to you and that it should be handled with utmost care, regardless of the state it is in.

Flatbed towing

Flatbed towing is the preferred option for towing since it’s considered as the safest ways of transporting a vehicle from one place to another. A flatbed towing truck is much better at handling the shape and weight of any vehicle. Flatbed towing trucks are usually a truck or a trailer with a flatbed on its rear where vehicles that need to be transported will sit while in transit.

In case you have the misfortune of running into an accident or having your car break down on you, flatbed towing service is the best way to go and the best company to provide you with quality and highly professional service is Markham Towing Svc.

Markham Towing Svc is a roadside assistance company open 24/7 with a great many technicians always at the ready. Make Towing Markham your provider of choice should you ever need flatbed towing service in the following areas:

  • Richmond Hill
  • Scarborough
  • North York
  • Aurora
  • Vaughan
  • Toronto
  • and the Greater Toronto Area

Simply call out 24-hour helpline at 647-694-8843 and we’re on our way to rescue you and your vehicle from further harm.

When you call Markham Towing Svc for your flatbed towing needs, you are guaranteed:

  • Safety – Our technicians will do their best to make sure that your vehicle suffers no further damage. Your car will be tethered securely to the platform of our flatbed towing trucks while we carefully transport it to the nearest service station.
  • Available For All – Whether you have an SUV, a convertible, a sedan or another type of vehicle altogether, you can be sure there’s more than enough room in the back of one of our flatbed towing trucks.
  • Economical – With flatbed towing trucks, you won’t need to worry about transmission damage. The technicians will only need to lower the flatbed at an angle and help your vehicle onto it.

Count on Tow Truck Markham whether you need light, medium or heavy duty flatbed towing. Our services are available to individual and commercial customers alike and you can be sure we’re more than able to handle any roadside service challenge as well as every towing need. Markham Towing Service is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. On your next emergency, give us a call at 647-694-8843 and experience the difference in the level of professional service we provide at Markham Towing Service.

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