Battery Boost/Jump Start

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Nothing could be worse than being stranded in your car, not being able to go anywhere because it won’t start. We need our cars for a lot of things. We rely on them to take us here and there, to be able to do this and that. You run out to your car, ready to get on with your day only to find that you locked your keys in your car or it won’t start. The headlights are not doing their jobs and the engine just would not budge no matter how you coax it. If our cars refuse to start, for example, it can cause a lot of chaos and complications.

Battery Boost/Jump Start

Car Jumpstart

One of the most common problems for why your car won’t start is a discharged or a dead battery. It can sometimes be difficult to try and figure out what has drained your battery but sometimes it can be attributed to human error. We’ve all done it. In our haste to get inside our homes or get to work, we’ve forgotten to close the trunk properly or turn the engine off or even to check. Left over time, this can drain your battery and it won’t be of any use to you when you need it.

Of course there could also be something wrong with the motor itself like a defective alternator diode which is responsible for recharging the battery and powers some of the electrical systems in your car. This will stall your car, needing a battery boost.

There are also internal errors in your car’s electrical system that will cause the engine or some of the functions needed electrical supply to keep running even after you’ve turned the engine off. Newer cars will have some sort of alarm to call your attention to the problem but not for all of the functions that can go wrong.

It’s also possible that your battery’s old, meaning it cannot ever be fully charged and needs to be replaced. In all your comings and goings, you may have forgotten. That’s alright but what if you need your car now?

It’s frustrating when something is not working right. It’s even more frustrating if your car is the problem and you happen to need it urgently. You can work to try and figure out what the problem is or what you can do to troubleshoot. But you don’t need to do all that and lose your mind in the process.

Markham Towing Service has a team of technicians along with a full stock of essential supplies and tools at the ready for when you need them. If you happen to be in the area of Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York, Aurora, Vaughan, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Ready to assist 24/7; call Markham Towing Service at 647-694-8843 anytime you need it and our professional and efficient technicians will attend to your needs effectively. We’ll do the heavy lifting and the hard work required to get you the battery boost/jump start you need for your peace of mind.

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