Top Rated High Schools in Markham

Markham is one of those diversified city in Ontario, Canada with a total of 41,534 in population. A sum of 3,856 (11.55%) of these population reached high school education and still, there are 254 who aren’t able to reach even junior high school.

If you are a parent looking for a high school that have a very good passing rate on the EQAO, test here’s a guide that should help narrow down your options.

As of this writing, there are 10 public high schools in Markham, ON and the following are the top 5 according to statistics:

Unionville High School

It is a public high school under the York Region District School Board in Ontario, Canada. The school is located in the west part of the community in the city of Markham. It is close to Markham Civic Centre and the Markham Theatre which are both attractions in the city.

The school is well known for Arts Unionville, an arts program with an average ranking of 1.202.

They have enhanced arts facilities that are purposely built for the programs that they offer. Arts Unionville has 4 categories namely: visual arts, dance, music, and drama. In order to be selected for the said program, each student has to undergo an audition.

Bur Oak Secondary School

It is a public secondary school in Markham that has been established in 2007 which is also a part of York Region District School Board. They have an overall ranking of 1.183.

Bur Oak’s school name is derived from the road which it is built on and the official tree of Markham. The school’s total number of students is approximately 1600.


Markville Secondary School

It is a public school which is located at the community of Unionville which is also located in Markham, Ontario. Markville is one of the 32 high schools in the York Region with an average ranking of 1.181.

They specialize in Communications Technology, History, Music, and also open to Peer tutoring. Most of the students are volunteer tutors for French and Math subjects. The volunteer hours that the students garnered are required for them to graduate from high school.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School

It is a public, bilingual English and French secondary school in Markham. It was named after in memoriam of the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, hence the name.

They started building the high school around June of 2001 and opened it in September 2002 with 500 students from grade 7-10. As of this writing, the school is on its 18th year of service and education with an overall ranking of 1.168.

Bill Crothers Secondary School

This school is also situated in the community of Unionville in Markham. Bill Crothers is an athletic based secondary school that is also managed by the York Region District School Board since 2008. It has an overall ranking grade of 1.166 and snatched the fifth spot on the list of schools.

The school was named after the former Olympic athlete, Bill Crothers. It started operating around August of 2008 to Grade 9 and 10 students.

Even if this list shows the top schools Markham offers, the success of each student still lies on how they perform at school and how they get along with the crowd. And this is a more important lesson that every parent needs to remember.

For students here is a list of free activities you can do in Markham.

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