If you find driving as a simple task, it might not be the same if you’ll be driving in the rain. Not only is the weather condition different, it also affects the roads and even you as the driver. One must take a lot of things in consideration before driving in the rain, and here are some important tips:

  1. Always check your car’s equipment

Whatever the weather condition is, checking your car’s equipment is always a must. And you need to be extra careful when it is raining. Do not forget to check if your windshield wipers are working, as well as your headlights and tail lights. Most importantly, check your tires. Bald tires aren’t good especially for rainy days as they reduce traction resulting to poor grip and resistance.

  • Drive slowly and keep distance

Even if you’re in a rush, there’s nothing more important than safety. So, drive slowly and keep a safe distance with other cars. Most drivers tend to maintain their driving speed despite the rain, or even go faster since they want to get to their destination faster. But doing so may just lead to accidents. 

  • Stay Alert

Though rainy weather makes us feel relaxed and sleepy, don’t be when you’re driving! You must do the opposite – stay alert at all times. Look out for puddles and always check if the waters are getting deep. Watch out for speeding cars to avoid collision. Keep your eyes on the road. Do not use your phone while driving. Presence of mind is very important at these times.

  • Stop at rest areas

If the downpour is making it harder for you to continue driving, consider stopping at rest areas for a few minutes until the weather gets better. You can also check for weather updates or storm warnings while you’re not driving.

  • Use your windshield wipers

It is obvious that you need to do this when it begins to rain, but some people really tend to forget or just ignore it, especially if it’s just light rain showers. But using your windshield wipers will allow you to have a better vision of the road. Make sure to replace it every year too, because wipers with poor condition cannot clear mist very well and even distorts the view. You can also opt for windscreen washers to add protection to your windshield.

  • Turn on your headlights

Turning on your headlights when it is raining will not only keep you safe, but also other drivers and pedestrians. It is easier to tell if a car is coming if the headlights are on. It will also help you see humps, puddles, trees, and open canals.

  • Do not use cruise control

Cruise control maintains your preferred regular speed without the use of accelerator. Although this feature may be helpful, it is not advisable to use this when driving in the rain. It’s because you need to slow down at times and control your speed since the roads are wet and slippery. And if you happen to hydroplane, cruise control will only worsen the situation.

  • Step off the gas pedal when hydroplaning

When you are hydroplaning, your car is sliding uncontrollably due to the excessive amount of water on top of the road. And if your tires are also bald, it will only slide as there is no or limited traction. When this happens, stay calm and do not step on the accelerator. Drive steadily forward until your car slows down.

We understand that even if you follow all the safety tips outlined above and are cautious while driving on a rainy days, accidents can still happen. If you find yourself in an accident be sure to keep a tow truck company’s phone number hand or google “Towing service near me”.

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