With the price of fuel going up every day, most of us are tempted to keep on running our cars even when the fuel tank is low. Those who fill up fuel at the last moment may think that they are saving, but if they continue this, it might actually cost them more. 

Here are the top reasons why you should not let your gas tank run low:

  1. It’s a complete inconvenience and extremely dangerous

When you’re almost running out of fuel, don’t you find it really stressing that you have to keep on checking the gauge or worry when your car will suddenly stop? Instead of focusing on the road, you will be constantly anxious, thus, it is very inconvenient to drive around with low fuel. And if you happen to empty your tank at a place where there are no nearby gas stations, it will be more troublesome to call for a tow service, right?

But most importantly, it is downright dangerous. If your car suddenly stops on a deserted road, you might get stranded. Or worse, you might empty your tank on a busy highway and get caught in an accident.

  • It can damage your fuel pump

Your fuel pump is responsible for pumping fuel from the gas tank to the engine. It is an essential component of any vehicle, so keeping it in good shape should be an utmost priority. For it to function efficiently, it must be totally submerged in gasoline – and that is about ¼ of a tank. Now, what happens if you often drive your car when its fuel is below ¼ of your tank? The fuel pump can deteriorate faster due to overstressing. This happens because air is sucked in, as it is low on fuel, and heat is produced. It causes the premature wearing of the pump, which might require you to have it fixed or replaced – which costs more than simply refilling gas regularly.

  • It will harm the fuel filter

When your tank is low on fuel, it does not only suck in air but it also allows residue build up. Take a coffee in a pot, as an example. The first few cups of coffee from the pot are always free from any residue, but the last cup will always have the residue in it. The same goes with your fuel tank – if you use the remaining last fuel on the tank, you may get the residue to the fuel line and engine. Good thing that cars have fuel filters, but then again, if lots of residue are collected in it, it will be clogged too. It will cost you more for repairs again.

  • It can cause engine blockage

As mentioned earlier, the fuel pumped from the tank goes to the engine. Now, if you always drive while low on fuel, air and residue might get into the engine too, especially if the fuel filters are already clogged. Dirt from fuel can cause trouble in the exhaust and can stop the engine. This is one of the main culprits of engine blockage.

            All of this, including the expensive repairs, can be avoided if you gas up regularly and stop driving on low fuel. In the end, you could have saved more than you think.

If you do find yourself stranded on the side of the road because you ran out of gas you can always google “gas delivery” or “Tow truck near me” and have a towing provider bring your fuel.

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